starting a new…

Taking what you already have and making something shiny and new from it is by no means a modern idea.  It is very popular in the crafting world from what I can see and I am very into it.  In the last several weeks I have had to call my Nana often.  I am constantly being advised on different crafts, sewing tools, and other tricks of the trade. She has informed me that she too made many items from recycled fibers or old clothes.  She said she did it from necessity and she wouldn’t take back one second of it.  She loved it.  Nana can craft let me tell you.  Her style might not always be in, and as an adolescent sometimes the cat print was a little over the top (even for me), but there is not a craft out there that she has not mastered.  I admire that.  I envy that actually.  Oh, to be able knit argyle socks with ease, or whip up a gorgeous quilt (hand sewn I may add) over the course of a few weeks.  Alas, I am a beginner and very very grateful to have such a resource as my Nana.  If only we were closer.

Taken May 2010

My latest little recycled project (and most time consuming) is a sheet rug.  I cut the old sheets into a large spiral and wind them into a ball to be knit.  I knit in one or two rows, or even sometimes just finger knit them.  I then just sew them into a gorgeous spiral rug.  My Nana and I have discussed the possibility of a piece of felt for the bottom and using a lacing hook to do the sewing.  Both of these options sound as though they would prolong the life it quite a bit.

Here is to you Nana.  I hope a visit is in our near future.

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