Make new friends but keep the old

We headed north yesterday to a lake to see some old friends. I thoughtfully finger knitted a jump rope for their daughter for her birthday on the drive. (The weight of the sheets from my sheet rug is perfect for jumping)

My Miles and this little sweety almost share a birthday, which is less than a week away.  As we shared a lovely breakfast of ricotta and blackberry hot cakes with honey we watched our honeys run around tossing rocks into water.

With my new little man perched on my lap I just wondered how fast the next two years would speed on by. We laughed and chatted about the ins and outs of being parents to very-very-soon to be two year olds.  We shared our preparations for the upcoming parties to celebrate this second time around the sun.  But mostly we sat and watched our small little babies who were just learning and growing right before our eyes.

Tomorrow is the big party for Miles.  His blue and yellow cake request will be fulfilled, his new little loves from this tiny new town we live in will all be at the park ready to romp, and his mama will most certainly be holding back tears the whole day. Tears of joy of course!

Oh yes, and we managed to find the number one coolest playground ever.

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