The big “2”

Today was a good day.  Thanks to many amazing crafters who inspire me so, I was able to decorate the birthday party just so;  handcrafted and from the heart.  The banner is an original idea by Amanda Soule, I just added the twist to make it a birthday banner.  Lucky for me, I got to use a wool blanket that is from the sheep in my home town.  Sadly, the blanket was dear to me, but it had been used to its potential.  These are such easy things to make and will make lasting traditions I am sure.  It really gave me a sense of accomplishment to be able to finish any of these small projects.  With two little ones at your feet all the time, a project that is very quick and mindless is the only project in my eyes.

Another fantastic crafter, Este Pope, gave Miles a “1” shirt last year.  So I followed in suit with a “2”!  His pride is clear.  We all had a good giggle pondering if he would feel the same way if I kept it up into his teens.

The whole day was really perfect.  Well, maybe not the whole day.  The morning was really pretty rocky.  But dont we all get cranky on our birthdays?  All in all it was lovely.

Low key, breezy, relaxed.  Loved it.  Love my boys. Love my man.  Im so proud of my two year old I cant tell you.

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