teaching thanks

I believe I remember my mama insisting on thank you notes hand written as a child.  Snail mail is just all too rare dont you think?  At least the good kind.  Miles and I spent our morning making stuff.  I sincerely let him help with everything today.  Not just pretend either.  I had the patience and the time to let him pour and mix ingredients, measure and make a mess, and then sweep and sponge it off.  Not a bad little baker either…cocoa banana muffins (and coffee).  Perfect way to start a surprisingly brisk morning.  Holding on to hope for a few more summer weeks though.

You know, I think he behaved quite a bit better too. Letting him make a nice old mess is quite enjoyable and its really never as hard to clean up as you expect.  Although, I have been known to have a high tolerance for a mess…

This lovely artwork was the aftermath from next little activity of the morning; the thank you cards.  I saw this
great way of creating art with elastic bands and paint on a blog called play at home mama.  Awesome ideas if you get a chance to browse.  I believe Miles loved it.  Snapping elastics, making a mess, playing with mama, and eating muffins.  Not bad.  Plus his art was so inspirational I want to make some of my own!

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