Pennsylvania Peaches

So it may only be August but hot dang I got my christmas presents done!  Would you like to recieve this as a christmas gift?  If anyone actually read this thing I may have some sort of giveaway type deal.  Regardless, this summer I have canned, crushed, chopped, peeled, and picked more than I ever have before.  Being that this is only my second summer canning I have still much to learn but I will say I am certainly improving!

Here are my tips so far-

– Follow the directions.  This may seem silly but I will be honest, looking back on my canning past, I realize I made apricot jam without even having a recipe!  The directions are straight forward and not to be messed with.

-No doubling, or tripling, or quadrupling…

-Do not attempt to can with two small children about to need a nap.  Canning takes a little time.

-Can things you know you like.  If your family really doesnt like beets by all means do not make your husband stain his hands red.  He will be very unhappy when you both come upon the uneaten jars more than a year later.  (I for one love them, just didn’t serve them enough I suppose).

-Ask farmers for seconds you can really save a bundle.  But, when doing this make sure they are still up to canning quality.  Peaches can have bruises, tomatoes can be imperfect but make sure they are not just plain old bad.

Thats all the tips I can think of.  The equipment is simple and inexpensive.  Go out and give it a try if you have not already!  Its awesome!

Today we canned the peaches, and blueberry peach jam too.  Both super simple, quick and easy too!  While doing this I thought it would be nice if when Rowan starts eating in a few months he had some peaches to taste as well.  So i froze some in cubes of crushed peaches mixed with the berries.  I believe he will be quite thankful for this summer delight when he is learning to use his choppers in the cold months.

Thanks to Rebecca for letting us pick some of your peaches.  They are so lovely!  And so are you!

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