Fluffy Clouds

I have discovered all that is needed to be done in order to get Miles to eat pretty much anything is to name it creatively.  He would never eat a breakfast couscous, but honey circles?  You bet!  How about a cauliflower and red pepper soufflé?  No. No, I think not.  But fluffy clouds… oh how could he resist?  I am completely crazy about my new cookbook Plenty, and have probably made at least 15 recipes from it in the last week and a half. Every one has been simple and fantastic.  No less for tonight’s supper either.  Alpine Soufflé will be my new go to. You could virtually put anything into it and it would be downright tasty.  I would like to try some fish and dill in it next.  May seem odd but I think fluffy fish clouds could really be a hit.

One thought on “Fluffy Clouds

  1. Those look so yummy! What a creative way to get Miles to eat souffle! You just have to get into the mind of a little kid…who wouldn’t eat fluffly clouds?

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