twice around the sun

So, officially twice around the sun my little boy has traveled.  Its been spectacular so far, everything everyone has said about it just getting better and better has come into fruition.  I really do love him more each day. Except when I don’t of course… if you know what I mean:)  We have not the extra zeros in our bank account to purchase the big ticket items nor the desire really.  Miles is happiest when trying on our shoes or playing “fishing” with a stick or taking the cushions of the couch and making a trampoline.  So, I decided to make Miles a little something with the old Singer.  I am new to sewing you have to understand, and absolutely appall directions.  I choose to follow them in a… non-traditional manner.  Well, this sometimes has its benefits but if appears in sewing the majority of the time it does not pay off at all.  But, I took off and decided that what I had in mind I could certainly create. My little boy loves to jump up and play with Mama’s oh so tempting craft table and sewing machine.  While I don’t mind as long as I am assisting him, it becomes dangerous when unattended.  Miles needed a “Miles space” so I made him one.  Easy as pie.  I just gathered some material I had on hand and went at it. I learned quite a bit too I may add.  I believe he will truly love it.  Lee found him the little hammer and ruler second hand which I know he will adore.  I filled the crayon slots, gave him a pair of scissors as this is one of his most favorite hobbies, and filled the large section with construction paper and library books.

I love you more than roses love the sun little man.

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