your either running away from something or towards something

My ride to my first long run since December said this to me this morning.  I sat there and gave the appropriate giggle and wondered for a second.  Is it true?  Am I running away from something?  And the truth is yes, sometimes I am.  I run to clear my mind and get some fresh oxygen running through my veins.  I run to not hear anyone crying for a little while.  I run to do something that is just just just for me.  But, I also am running towards a bigger goal.  I run to be a fresh and energetic mama to my little ones.  I run to be in a better mood when my patient man comes home at the end of the day.  I run so that my boys can see how important I believe fitness is.  But, I suppose mostly I run because I just love it.

Today I ran with a group that reminded me just of the group I ran with in Flagstaff now and then; NATRA. There were all different levels but everyone shared the passion for a good run early in the morning.  We all know about the runners high and we love it.  I hope to join them again sometime soon.  It felt so darn good to run that far I cant tell you.  I feel completely refreshed.

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