four months fast

I know that everyone constantly says, “Don’t blink it goes by so fast!”, but this is ridiculous.  Four months.  Four months since you were born already Rowan?  I remember knitting this little tiny sweater for you in the midst of a snowstorm in february feeling like I could be pregnant possibly forever.

Even when you were born it felt like you would a least remain a newborn forever.  And now as I squeeze your growing arms into the sleeves and stretch the back to force the buttons through the button holes I am finally totally believing their advice.  Although you rarely give us sleep, and could possibly be placed in the category of “high needs baby” (but arent they all?  Say, “yes” to make me feel better), I am so ready for you to slow down on the growing.  You found your tiny feet already and can roll anytime you feel the urge.  At least you can’t say “no” yet.

The pattern comes from The Knitter’s book of Yarn and is a wealth of information.  This was my first non- baby surprise sweater.  I believe I am slowly climbing the knitting ladder and can call myself intermediate at this point.  Regardless, this is truly an easy sweater.  Just four pieces seamed together (although I hear from other knitters they hate to seam… not me).  I highly recommend the book.  And I highly recommend all parents pin their eyelids up with toothpicks in order to not blink.  Who am I kidding… my little babe has made sure I watch his every move already.

2 thoughts on “four months fast

  1. it goes by so much faster with the 2nd- or at least it seems too! I can’t believe I haven’t met him yet, makes me sad.. 😦 He is adorable- so are you! 🙂

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