a necktie for his girl

“Naomi likes blue ties?”

Not only did this question shock me in regards to its content, but the mere fact that he was speaking so clearly in complete sentence was enough to knock me over.  Sigh, so my only option was to tie on the little blue boys tie and let him strut his stuff over at Naomi’s house.  And alas, she does like blue ties Miles.  Very much.

My lovely friend in RI showed me how to make these sweet ties for little boys (or girls) and also tiny bow ties too!  At my brothers wedding Miles looked utterly handsome.  It was so simple to make and a lot of fun having someone so experienced there to assist me.  I really am new to sewing. Minus a few little beginner projects and one very oversized jacket in which I never sewed the arm pits, (my mom will never let me forget this:) I am a virgin.  To sewing.  So, I needed help learning to press the corners, and poke through the tip of the tie, but all in all I did it. I feel very confident in tie making now and plan on making a whole slew of them for the holidays.

I have seen the new rage is knitted ties.  Perhaps my poor neglected husband who rarely gets anything but socks (and not hand knit either even though they are in the works) would like one.

Of course it would be knitted by me.  I’m a little less expensive then JCrew.  At least I am if you are married to me:) .  I know this stitch well though!  Its the exact one from the diaper covers, (the link to my ravelry account) I did a few years ago.

On one more note- Fall is here!  Even though the winters here are oh my goodness never ending… never ending… never ending, I still love fall. Having spent the last few years in the mountains I have missed the variety of trees that turn crimson, goldenrod, maroon and burly brown. While aspen are beautiful with their vibrant yellows, there is nothing like a Maple to make you ooh and ahh in autumn.

2 thoughts on “a necktie for his girl

    • It is not a moss seed stitch (although thats a lovely stitch too and would make a great tie!)s As far as I know- the one I did on my diaper cover does not have a name. I made it by sl1 purlwise wyib, k1 repeat then the next row just knit. Its not quite as diamond like but it has the same effect!

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