that man of mine…

My little boys have slept peacefully, been calmed from the worst crying fits, nursed, laughed and cuddled in their sling. The same sling.  It has been an accessory to my wardrobe for the last two years straight.  When Miles grew too large to lie in it he sat, and then when he was too big to sit he rested on my hip with the help of that same green piece of cotton.  My big boy hands me treasures he finds and requests I store them in it.  I use it as a purse for my keys and wallet.  It always holds a burp rag.  It has been washed countless times.  Even the babysitter uses it.  And then… then I lost it.  I left it carelessly tossed over a piece of random playground equipment halfway between here and my hometown.  I was absolutely devastated when I arrived to our final destination sling-less.  Honest to goodness- I weeped.  I felt naked!  I felt lost!  I didn’t have any clue how I would care for my little babe without the help of my trusty old, green, baby holster.

What do you know, my man came through.  He offered to go back and find it.  Of course I turned him down (had it been a little closer I might not have).  It was many grueling hours in the car with two tinys behind us.  We brainstormed and decided the best option was to call the bakery we stopped at and ask if they would possibly grab it and hold on to it until the next passing.  Embarassed as I was I made the call.  Old Rich the baker knew not what a sling was, and somehow in the tiny town he resided in he actually needed directions to the playground that was on the same road as his workplace.  But, lo an behold, he went and retreived “the green thing” as he called it.  What a hero.  What an amazingly kind and unneccesary thing to do.  My lovely husband went to my rescue on his way back and to our little home and saved me from my doldroms.  I was so relieved I can’t describe it.  I never thought that I could be so attatched to a material item.  It holds so much sentimental value to me.  It has been with me for every part of my motherhood.

In the meantime, my mother also came to my rescue.  After a day of searching stores far and wide for a ready made sling, we found one, and not a small cost I may add.  She purschased it for me without a blink of an eye.  Rowan was immediatly snuggled in and happy as a clam. Family.  You are too good to me.

To make the event just that much sweeter, we purchased the sling in a large so that my giant husband would be more comfortable wearing it and oh my, was he ever.  Through out the whole week our little one could be found snuggled close to daddy’s chest just enjoying the ride.  

Thank you Lee.  Your wonderful.

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