The new mamas saga…. sleep

Our exhaustion level has hit an all time high.  My eyeballs are bleeding.  My head is aching.  My skin is drooping.  Our patience level is slowly disintigrating.  Long runs are no longer invigorating.  My baby does not sleep.  He may sleep fitfully in my arms for an hour or so at best.  He will at times be milk drunk enough to pass out for a moment, but nothing substantial.  Miles was a poor sleeper but I think Rowan is even wearing himself out.

Look at this face! (not mine)

That’s exhaustion.  Even on a baby it shows after sometime.  I suppose he finds this world all too interesting to close those pretty blues for even a few hours in a row.  We have tried everything.  Every sleeping arrangement.  Every swaddle technique.  Many different dance moves (courtesy of my lovely husband).  Schedules.  No schedules.  I can not let him cry, he is just a little baby.  He is also not ready for cereal so thats not an option yet either.  Ahh!  I suppose the one thing we need to do is let time go on.  And let me tell you- time does go on.  A two year old will remind you of that pretty quickly!  We are not allowed to slow down.  Whatever doesnt kill you does make you stronger I have to tell myself.  It works most days.  I play a pretty mean game of pretend with myself each morning when I wake up.

It goes like this- 5 am wake up (would rather just get up and end that god awful night than try and get him to sleep any longer)

“good morning Rowan!  I love being up before the sun!”

wahhhhhhhhh says the baby.

“oh my!  Let’s go get coffee!  Not that I need it, because that was a beautiful nights sleep!”

Perhaps I am sleep deprived to the point that this post is ridiculous.  I apologize in advance.  But really a good mind game with yourself at times does the trick!  Give it a whirl!

3 thoughts on “The new mamas saga…. sleep

  1. oh my darling, i feel for you. can i just say you and that man of yours are doing a wonderful job with those boys. believe me when i say there will be a nights sleep in your future.( i just don’t know when)

  2. Hi lovey. You are a great Mom now matter how tired. I know what you mean with not wanting to let him cry. I can not let Josie cry either. I will give it a minute… and I am strong to even let that minute go by without picking her up.

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