My thumb is turning green!

Finally, so many years of plectranthus and bonariensis, gardenias and verbenas being hammered into my brain I am starting to get it.  My plants are not wilting or shriveling up lately, they are actually getting huge.  I by no means have the magical touch my mother does with all things growing but I think I see improvement.  Last years vegetable garden was a success (minus a rabid case of aphids on my brussel sprouts) and now my houseplant situation I believe will be in the category of jungle when jack frost comes knocking at my door.  My husband gets a look of panic now and then when he realizes soon our porch will no longer harbor these crazy vines but they will reside in our home…  He will love it I am sure.

I have successfully rooted all of these beautiful houseplants from my mama’s garden.   I carted them back from her house this summer in a big box taking as much care of them as I did my two boys.  I so badly wanted a piece of her garden in my own home for esthetic reasons as well as sentimental reasons.  When Miles walked outside her front door he would exclaim, “Goin’ through the jungle!” with so much excitement.  To be able to see him smile just by opening the front door was such a treat.  Maybe one day my home will look like this too…  Planting here just doesn’t make too much sense – the renters dilemma.  Regardless, it was easy to root all these little ladies and they are thriving.  I am sure they will cheer up this household through the long winter.

Also courtesy of my favorite lady- a bowling gnome! 

2 thoughts on “My thumb is turning green!

  1. HI Ri, i was just informed of your blog and i have to say i LOVE it!! what a great style of writing you have- it’s just like i’m having a conversation with you. keep up the good work. i look forward to reading more- it’s a great way to feel connected to your life when you’re in Pa.
    my only question is, how the hell do you have time to write it?!

    ps- did lee remember??


    • 🙂 he did! thanks for reading! glad you like it! Its so fun to do. I found another way of blabbing to you guys! haha… i do it during nap usually. or after bed. it only takes a minute and i am constantly taking photos so that part is easy! happy birthday, birthday buddy!

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