The Wonderful Wallaby!

A few weeks ago I began the lovely pattern of The Wonderful Wallaby!  With the pocket complete I can envision the sweater on my biggest little man and I am thrilled.  Let me tell you; its the cutest pocket I have ever seen.  And I have seen some cute pockets.  It’s in a mossy green superwash by Cascade yarns.  Even though it is a superwash I always hand wash my hand knits for fear (probably irrational) or unraveling or shrinking or something awful like that.

Nothing like the cold weather coming to make me start thinking about what I would like to cast on next.  I know in the future I will be making a few pair of mittens.  Perhaps Miles won’t be scared of them this year.  That was an interesting problem to solve!  I also will be sure to include my husband in my list of people to knit for.  I have promised him a slouch hat as well as a pair of socks.  He has reserves about hand knit socks and I am setting out to prove him wrong!  How could I be married to a man who has doubts about hand knit socks?  Really.

I was thinking of these mittens for Miles… and perhaps a pair for his mama as well.  Happy Knitting!

3 thoughts on “The Wonderful Wallaby!

  1. They superwash does shrink, upwards! I made Russell a sweater out of the cascasde 220 superwash, and now it’s just a little short in the torso and the arms when it was perfect before. Boo!

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