goin’ down town

It is pretty amazing how much can happen to a few pieces of somewhat carved wood over breakfast.  This whole “family” had been down town, thrown rocks in the water, eaten ice cream, made bread and gone to sleep all before Miles last piece of toast went down.  I saw this idea for a present for Miles on Etsy and just knew it would be a favorite in no time.  He loves to tuck them in in their sleeping bags as well as put them in his pockets as they accompany him through out his day.  It is so sweet.  Another bonus is although he may not listen to the real Mama ask him to sit down in his chair, surely he will listen when wooden peg Mama has something to say.

Spoken in a very authoritative tone with a hint of a southern accent,”Miles Henry, you better listen to your mama!  Now sit before you hurt yourself.”

It was fun to make the sleeping bags.  I just used any scrap fabric I had and tried to match the personality of each person to the material.  It takes quite a bit of dexterity for a two year old to put them in so that is good practice.  You know, I truly believe in simple toys.  Watching my boy play with something that requires all imagination is perfect.  He creates a story line of his own.  I am not against toys that have all the bells and whistles, really I am not!  But, when I get to choose a toy I pick one that will make him think a little.  I watched Miles sit on a toy that was like a treadmill for babies with a computer screen on the front.  While he seemed to be entertained by it, and it certainly kept his attention, there was no real interaction.  He never actually pedaled and just pressed the buttons with a blank stare.  I never even saw him crack a smile.  I am certainly not saying other two year olds would react in the same manner, but for my son, little wooden pegs seem to be better.

This family tap tap taps around the table day and night.  What is not to love really?

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