we all fall down

With family in town I have not been diligent with this hobby of mine.  But, I will be catching up starting now…  Nothing like a full table to make life feel so grand though right?

Yesterday we visited one of those places.  Those straight up spectacular- knock you to your knees- take your breath- brings tears to your eyes kind of places.  One of those places that despite six dollar pb and j’s (no we did not buy one), tourist gifts that no one needs, and tame squirrels (I kind of like those though) you still still just fall in love.

Niagara Falls, American falls, Canada falls, whatever you would like to call them, the rush of water unfathomably heavy and churning making a mist seen from miles away, just sitting north of our little town.  The excitement of it all was overwhelming.

The whole day didnt go smoothly I must admit.  Rowan just seemed to have it out for those old falls.  Perhaps being held so close to my jittery heart he sensed something new.  Or maybe he was a little uneasy being so high up as well?  I am not sure.  But oh my he let his voice be heard. The whole day long.  I almost missed the highlight of the day due to fears of being trapped on a boat with an unconsolable babe in my sling. Luckily just in the nick of time he slept.  (Oh glorious sleep!  Come back to me!)  I tore a hole right through the neon blue plastic poncho so generously provided by the old maid of the mist so my little man could feel the mist on his tiny nose (and breath) then boarded.  Miles showed no fear in his daddy’s arms, in fact he exclaimed, “So excited! So excited!” many, many times.  It was a boat trip where perhaps some poeple not in my party, and some who were, will recall by saying something along the lines of, “and remember that lady?  The one who cheered every time she got wet from the mist?  The one who was practically crying? With the baby in her sling?”  Well, that was me.  And quite frankly I am proud.  It gave me chills.  It made me feel alive.  I am in love with that maid of the mist.  It was twenty five minutes I will never forget.

There is something about the wet misty air, the powerful sound of thousands of gallons of water falling all around you that makes you feeling like kissing someone.  Does that sound strange?  I dont think I am wrong though because I saw everyone feeling that way. There were kisses being stolen all over that deck.

Pretty kissable right?

Later on when not one of my three boys could handle another second of my poor babes weeping and wailing we decided to just stop and play. Just stop. And play!

It was just what we needed.  I smiled to myself knowing that these days are short lived where every bench is a potential nursing spot, every drain must be paused at to throw rocks in, and every thing is so new and fresh.  One thing I know for sure is that I managed to hold on to that sense of newness and beauty looking at those falls.  Maybe my kids bring it out in me or maybe just maybe I help bring it out in them.  My guess is its a little bit of both.


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