autumn adventure

leaf hunting

cider drinking

applesauce making (a whole bushel!)

insect finding

farm visiting (especially the tractors)

lots of hiking

but mostly just trying to take it all in

In the midst of all this autumn fun the woman whose turn it was to pick up csa came by to drop off.  I realized as I was still hollering bits and pieces of conversation to her as she grinned and shut her car door that it was time… to laugh.  Time to laugh and slow down something fierce. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror: Lee’s sweatshirt, my shirt half rolled up (I had just been pumping for the millionth time today), spandex (who wears spandex?), one fleece knee sock and one regular but florescent blue sock, greasy hair in a crazy side pony, and my trusty sling.  I am not joking.  And to think, I actually went on a walk like this??  Oh my.  When she entered to help me bring in the veggies I desperately tried to keep her hostage to have some adult conversation with me without even realizing this is what I was doing.  So, with that I decided to just laugh.  My life is pretty silly right now.  My only choice is to try and take heed from my two boys and live in the moment.

2 thoughts on “autumn adventure

  1. i NEED to see a picture of this outfit.. I was late to meet Tom today b/c I took 10 minutes to shower, knowing full well that if I didn’t, the time wouldn’t come again- for awhile.. 🙂

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