feeling elf-y

For a friend due on Christmas I decided some tiny elf socks were in order.  And boy are they tiny!!! I can not believe I made Rowan a few pair of socks (minus the pointy toe) in the same size and they fit at one point!  I knit Miles a matching pair and he was thrilled I believe.  I knit the gold ones in a silky soft bamboo and the red elf-y ones above were done with llama!  How exotic!

Oh our little babes…they grow terribly fast.  I am fairly new to sock knitting but enjoy the baby variety quite a bit.  You can typically finish a pair in less than a few hours.  Fantastic I say!  Once again I should mention, if only to remind myself, I will will be knitting a pair for my poor neglected husband before Christmas this year. I will.

I got this pattern from Bella Babies by Universal Yarn.  All I did to make them elfin was decrease a little more gradually instead of the directions for the kitchener stitch given.  It was very simple and you could put a pom-pom or a bell on the end if you felt like it.   I did not.

At baby showers there is often a little portion dedicated to advice giving out.  I, being a mother of two very young ones, should be full of some. But, I will be quite frank, I have none.  I survive.  I laugh a lot.  I sleep a little.  I find joy in the tiny things (like elf socks and finger paints).  I miss my husband.  I drink my nightly glass of wine with such relief and gratification its almost religious.  I guess things change, and its good, let them.  That would be my advice.  Every time they fuss at me, I think this too shall pass.  Each sleepless night I think someday they will not be like this.  When my little man begs for me to hold him, I do and know that I can for now.   And I am glad.  Because someday I know they will be big and holding a twelve year old is….well, just weird.  Just kidding.  But, it is.

2 thoughts on “feeling elf-y

  1. whatever, you’ll still be nursing at 12.. 🙂 kidding.. 🙂 That “this too shall past mentality” is a great goal- I’m not there yet and every time lily has an epic- hitting, spitting (ya- that’s new, luckily she’s not very good at it yet, screaming- episode I try to remind myself that when she’s gone to college I’m sure I will wish with all my might to be at home, doing crafts, making pancakes in the AM & getting spat on.. 🙂
    LOVE these socks. They have always scare me- ok anything not on round needles or a scarf/blanket scares me, but maybe I’ll just have to try! I hope I know the elf that will be wearing these.. 🙂

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