welcoming baby

Well, yesterdays socks were at today’s shower and I believe they were a hit!  I was asked to repeat Miles birthday cake recipe for the event and I gladly obliged as I will accept any excuse to make a cake.  I beat my record for layers in a cake and now can claim five as an accomplishment. This cake recipe truly is a nice one for layering because of its sturdy consistency thick with ground almonds. Apparently you can interchange almonds for hazelnuts but my wallet has not allowed this experiment as of yet.  I exchanged the mascarpone filling with lemon curd, for a traditional buttercream which is nice for decorating but as far as taste goes… under par I would say.  This dense moist cake would benefit tremendously by the creaminess of that sweet and tangy combination and I plan on making it happen in the very soon future.  In the recipe it also has layers of chunked up strawberries or whichever berry you can find that is in season.  Finally a sprinkling of powdered sugar finishes off this beauty.  But, this is just me fantasizing because like I said, I used buttercream.  Not that buttercream doesn’t make my mouth water, because it does.

I brushed vanilla and water over each layer to keep it moist, a tip I picked up from smitten kitchen, a blog that always makes me hungry and gives me quite the hankering to turn on my oven.

I believe I ate an entire stick of butter in frosting last night.  My kind of night.

Did I mention how honestly helpful my tiny boy was?  He cracked his first eggs….sigh.  Maybe I can pass on my passion for baking down to him.  That is guaranteed to make the girls swoon.

“sweet pea…apple of my eye”

I made this little gift bag to present the elf-y socks with the stamp that I used for Miles birthday invitation and a part of a pillow case.  

How do you entertain babies at baby shower anyways??  (With parents that have no need to baby proof as of yet:)  You give them the tissue paper of course!

Or find a somewhat quiet corner

The day was lovely.  And the sun came out for our stroll home.  But best of all, I got to spend it with all three of my boys.  Not many da da’s get on the “bumpy horse” and rock with their boys I do not think.  I believe I got very lucky.  I believe Miles and Rowan did too, because this is one man for the record books.

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