judgment day

So, 10 days have passed since the dreaded day the woman in the white jacket explained Rowan had not gained sufficient weight.  It has been 10 days since I have put all my efforts into changing this.  10 days of worry, anxiety and holding my breath are over.  I placed him on the scale….and the numbers do not lie.  Sweet sweet success.  13.1, which I can’t help but notice is a half marathon distance.  Somehow this makes me feel slightly less guilty.  Ten days, nine ounces.  Such superb, fantastic news had I not been holding a babe and trying to entertain another I would have taken a knee.  I swear, I took the first deep breath since a week ago from friday.  Nothing else to report.  I will just revel in my fenugreek and blessed thistle taking, protein loading, mother’s milk tea drinking and always pumping glory just smiling.

yes. yes. yes.

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