around the block a time or two

My boys and I have a daily ritual.  After nap time we walk.  We take a simple walk that consists of four turns, three streets, about a quarter of a mile in total, and at least forty-five minutes of adventure.  The walk in all should take about 5 minutes, but with this much to look at it very well could take all day.  Rain or shine, sleet or snow it does not matter.  We walk.  We began this daily ritual shortly after moving here when Miles was about 17 months or so.  It was a big day the first time we successfully made it around I will tell you.  This is where Miles began the routine that he has down so pat now that I swear I could draw a map of our block with such detail an ant would know where to go.  He notices (and announces) things I would never have seen otherwise.  An owl decoration in a window, windmills, exactly what shade a dog is, when a rain drop falls on his nose, a flag with a rose on it  being replaced for one that has changed to a fall motif, boats in back yards, tiny stone animals in driveways, that boy does not miss a thing.  And no rock goes unturned.  If something new appears it absolutely without a doubt must be explored.  Every person should be spoken to and perhaps watch him complete one of his stunts such as jumping off a small ledge or walking on a stone wall.  Each day consists of the same activities but it always feels so new to my boy.  Life is so good when your two.  Except when it’s not.

The weather warmed, my pregnant belly expanded and Miles determination grew stronger all making for somewhat troublesome walking. Less enjoyable at times some might say.   Mark my words, these walks have tested my patience to the maximum.  I have practiced every type of deep breathing exercise I have ever even heard of, counted to ten many times, and even sat down and pouted.  The bigger I got the harder it was to be patient and calm on our adventure around the block.  A large pregnant belly would be nothing compared to toting around a newborn I soon found out.

The first few weeks were the hardest.  Never knowing exactly when Rowan might get hungry (not that I know now) made for a walk that would abruptly end without any notice whatsoever.  I have even had to put Miles under my arm and sort of trot back to the safety of our fenced in yard.

But, now as an around the block walking veteran, I can say it is just fun.  What is the rush anyways?  I figured out a few places along the way that I can stop and feed Rowan if need be.  Miles could be entertained for hours throwing leaves in the water.  There is a basketball hoop for goodness sake and dogs to look at!  Come on!  Get some fresh air you old sea hag!  (Like mother like daughter:) Quit your whining!

Make no mistake, it still can take all day to do this walk.  And Miles now will randomly announce to me, “Mommy says WALK!“.  So clearly I still harbor some frustration on the long walk but all in all it is good to get out.  And if Miles likes it, well then so do I.

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