a day time date

Happy Halloween!  Pictures of costumes and all that go with it will come tomorrow.

Yesterday marked the first of hopefully what will become a weekly ritual for Lee and I.  Brace yourself.  We got a babysitter.  Right smack in the middle of the day, we decided to up and go on a date.  It had been so long over due it’s almost depressing.  Finding the time is just so hard.  But oh so very necessary.  An unusual time for a date some might assume, but not for us.  It was absolutely perfect.  The typical dinner and a movie don’t quite excite the sleep deprived as we have a hard time staying up until nine truth be told.  So, a non-traditional time of one to three, the two-hour allotment nursing babies allow, became a two hours of honest to goodness bliss.

We romped through the woods chucking walnuts, gathering glorious fall leaves, jumping off branches, throwing rocks in the water and just having a grand old-time.  We ran around a whole lot.  We laughed even more.  We vowed to do it again because having two babies in two years makes you young in some ways, but it makes you so unbelievably old in others.  We sort of missed out on that “we just got married and we are having so much fun” bliss that I see others enjoy.  Make no mistake, I am so unbelievably glad and lucky to have my sweet Miles and handsome Rowan around and the timing was perfect for us.  Sometimes though we need to take extra time to have fun just the two of us.  Just my husband and I.  He is such a good father and husband.  He is the salt of the earth.  (I am not exactly sure what this saying means, but I think it fits him)  But beyond that he is my best friend.  Yesterday, the joy I felt feeling the crisp autumn air on my face with out a worry in the world, made me so very glad he is mine.  I am one lucky lady.  No doubt about that.

Of course we brought our treasures back for Miles to see.

He even loves cats.  What more could a woman want?


One thought on “a day time date

  1. awwww. I love lee.. and you guys..
    One of the best dates Tom & I had was a day that I planned to take him skiing for his bday in Feb. Had a sitter get here at 7AM. Well, the lift was on wind-hold & so we went to martannes & had a 3 hour breakfast…it was pretty amazing.. Sitting there, reading the paper, talking & drinking coffee = perfect..

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