squash is rising!

Acorn Squash.

There are so many reasons I love winter squash.  They go with my all time favorite thing to eat in the world: maple syrup, are perfect for oatmeal, lentils (or any grain), pastas, meats, they can be mashed, baked, sautéed and now….now I can add bread to that repertoire.  Did I mention they last forever and are just beautiful to look at?  Edible decor.  What more could you ask for?

I loved this bread recipe.  I tweaked it slightly but it is amazing especially for being made with only whole wheat flour.  It is not so heavy like you might expect, it’s just perfect for toast, and gets better after a day or so for some odd reason!  I only let the starter rise for about 8 hours as I started it early in the morning as opposed to the night before and I omitted the flax seeds but added some wheat germ.  Yummy and hearty.  It had the perfect crunch factor when toasted and with butter slathered on you just might have to take a knee.

Anyways, you only need half the squash so you can mash-up the other and enjoy…I mean come on…it is soaked in brown sugar and maple syrup.  I swear I poured it into a cup and drank it.  It is true and so good I am not afraid to admit it. 

Miles liked this job I must say.  Tell a two-year old to mash and give them enough time and you know what?  You will without a doubt show them what success feels like.  

It’s supposed to be uneven and chunky anyways

This bread was so fun to make.  It took a little extra time because of the starter but over all it was worth it.  Besides, it’s unusual and what is better than that?

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