a boy, some puree and an owl.

I have been quite antsy about posting some pictures of christmas presents but in the hopes that some recipients actually look at this I will have to with hold.  Lucky for me, one tiny boy knows not how to click and find at this juncture.  I am making him a cutesy owl stuffed animal inspired by the mittens I am making my little niece.  Let’s face it, owls are stinking adorable.  I have no idea why, perhaps its the way they can twist their heads so far or their big googly eyes but either way they are incredible.

Here is attempt one…not nearly what I was envisioning.

Attempt two in the works and I think I am liking what I see.  I have used some shrunken sweaters and an old gray t-shirt.  I plan on embroidering the nose on and the eyes will get some embellishments as well.  I believe this little stuffy will get some love over the years. Hopefully my -now eating two meals a day- baby appreciates it (and you know those babies…. so appreciative).

Rowan’s taste buds have been introduced to the hearty flesh of the fall.  The winter squash was quite abundant in our csa as was the dark leafy unidentifiable greens that seem to be common in all csa’s.  So this is what our little fella has been nourished with these days (besides mama’s milk of course).

In addition he has quite enjoyed a bit of applesauce as well as the peach blueberry mix I made this summer.  Even Miles has gotten in on the veggie groove.  He wants to eat everything Rowan does (so that he makes sure his brother doesn’t one up him in any way shape or form).  We finally broke down and bought a second booster seat.  This one is from a restaurant depot!

Miles seems to enjoy it…

Well here is to many family gatherings around the table! 

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