the therapeutic post

See mariah?  Two- year olds really are sweet.

To make a lingering reminder in my head permanent, I have decided to attempt a list of the good things about two-year olds, particularly mine. (Not that things have been challenging around here….just saying)

  • They are undoubtedly forgiving even seconds after an indecent has occurred.  They never ever dwell.
  • My little man has a sense of humor like no other.  He is always, “just kidding mama”.
  • They love to dance in all locations.
  • They will always attempt to join in when singing.
  • They think you are beautiful.
  • They think you are handsome also, and mention it.
  • They have no inhibitions and act on exactly how they feel.  They never leave you guessing.
  • A walk outside is always fun for a two-year old no matter the weather.
  • They don’t care about clothes.
  • They don’t care about hair.
  • They don’t care about pretty much anything, they just want to have fun really.
  • Sleeping is no longer an issue.  Miles sleeps like a drunk man, there is no waking him and he actually smacks his lips every so often.
  • They love you unconditionally.
  • They always want to help.
  • They are willing to try to do most anything by themselves.
  • He misses me when I am gone.
  • He thinks my stories are interesting.
  • You never have to remind a two-year old to stop and smell the flowers.
  • The world is absolutely new to them and everything is fascinating.  Everything.

That is all I have for now.  Well, I will be honest I really need to shower, and I finally went to the wine store.  So, I am cutting this off short. Feel free to add any other motivating thoughts about two-year olds that you think of!  I know there are many more!

One thought on “the therapeutic post

  1. they are only two for a year?
    they are more fun than 3 year olds
    there is always the wine store?

    I think your list is great & totally agree- it’s important we remember those great things about having a small child. I loved being able to ‘talk’ to lily when she was two- they always say the funniest things & have some great insights on life. That only gets better with age..

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