Thanksgiving attire and a whole lotta fun

 Giving Thanks

My fantastic friend has loaned me her sewing machine (while my old singer is a work horse it only has the capabilities of forward and backward) so I have been zigging and zagging all over the place.  These shirts were a cinch to make and very rewarding.

To express gratitude for the life I have in words on this silly blog would be impossible.  Although I may gripe about the here and now, I cherish each moment on my path.  

Please don’t judge me for the dirty carpet.  I rent.

When traveling to my hometown at the end of this week, despite the long drive, I will keep in mind how wonderful it will be to be amongst family for this celebration.  Do you know it has been over 5 years since I have spent a Thanksgiving at my folks house?  This is long overdue for it is the favorite holiday in my family.  My father will be baking up a storm and mother will be denying that she enjoys it.  The garage will be chock full of greenery and ladies and men enter empty-handed and leave with a wreath of fresh Christmas joy.  The air will be crisp, the garden put to sleep, and the cats will maybe even be coming in to snuggle at night.

This much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life will not be taken for granted.  And what a hustle it has been lately!  I have been attempting to make every gift possible this year for all those on our list.  And oh my, it is not an easy task!  But, it is quite an enjoyable one. No putting your reading glasses on!  This list is top-secret 😉

Away from the duties of constant laundry, bills, etc. (not that we won’t help out around the house but it’s somehow easier when it’s not your own!), we will take full advantage of the wide open spaces our little avenue brings us.

Giving so much thanks this time of year.


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