turkey in the straw

Nothing like some turkey  hunting (by that I mean feeding) a week before Thanksgiving Day!  It was an exciting and joyful time at Angoves Maple Syrup Farm.  We had quite a bit of shopping to do before heading over the river and through the woods.  Something about this warm front coming through my northern state makes me feel so very lucky to live in a place where the seasons change.  And change they will!  Snow is in the forecast for the end of this week indefinitely.  One step outside this morning chilled my toesies to the bone and sent me running for my slippers.

Their cow happened to give birth within a week that Rowan was born.  Me and her, we are kindred spirits.  But let me tell you what!  This lady can make some milk.  Jack the farmer informed me that in her early days after having her calf she would produce up to six gallons a day.  Now this here bucket was over the last few.  The pigs would be enjoying her bounty later on that afternoon.  The whole thing made me thirsty to be quite frank and I am pining for the day when I too will have a cow to enjoy.  But, being a nursing mama I will say I have an entirely new perspective on drinking milk.

On the way home a fit over a lost pacifier forced me to pull over in this lovely corn field.  The passing of the season brings some spectacular colors and I was grateful for my littlest boys desire to be pacified because it allowed me to stop and appreciate them.

Miles new-found love for the camera is very intense lately.  Every item in the house becomes a camera and he demands “my smile!” at a consistent rhythm throughout the day.

Never mind if he gets a hold of the thing…then I am left deleting sometimes upwards of 50 ceiling fan shots.  But, this time he happened to capture a moment.  He anticipated the turkeys coming out of this barn and here it is.  His eyes were glued to this image and I am glad he was able to capture it.

Gobble. Gobble. 

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