Home sweet home.  Deep in my bones, my little new england town will always feel like home.  I believe my boys feel it too.  Something about those waves crashing on the shore and the shiny spot the sun makes across them that just makes me smile.  With that  I will say our week was awesome.  No Pop- pop can compare.   Babcia (I looked up the spelling, and no- the other spelling actually doesn’t mean a thing) awed us with her christmas wreath preparations and her speed on the speed bag.  It was just as I expected it to be.  Perfect.

But, there is something about the comfort of my own home that just feels so good.  Sleepless nights feel more routine.  Early mornings seem mandatory and not so….wrong.  And there is always a cat sleeping in my bed.  That is the best part.

I have so much to do these days.  They are absolutely filled to the brim.  But with an aching back yet again and now… a gigantic move in the very very near future it is hard  To do any preparations seems odd.  The only thing I truly desire to do is watch my boy play with the two little girls he holds so dear and sip on tea with their mamas.  In less than a year I have found not one but two girls I hope hope hope to call life long friends.  I hold them so completely close to my heart they feel like sisters.  That has got to be a feeling distance can not change.

Ok- now get ready for an onslaught of pictures.

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