the last month

It is the last month of the year.  The last month in Pennsylvania.  The last month within driving distance to Babcia and Pop-pops.  And of course, the last month I shall be a part of The Rustic Knitters.  (They better keep it up when I go, we have a good thing going)

But, yesterday was the first day of advent.  I am a bit of tradition hound.  I love em.  I really do.  And now that I have children it is so very wonderful to keep up old ones and start some new ones as well.  This advent calendar is something I have had in mind for sometime and a little elf so kindly delivered just in time.

Yesterday Miles cautiously opened the tiny “1” door and divvied out the chocolates.  We were quite surprised he wanted to save a few for later on and not devour each one right there after breakfast.  The tiny note read flashlight tag.  What is more fun than flashlight tag?  Really.


5 thoughts on “the last month

  1. I knew the spelling of “babcia” as you had it was wrong but the meaning, well I just made that up — didn’t your mother tell you we make things up!

  2. I have a list of things to do – one for every day of the month & was gonna make the girls a killer advent calendar.. but wouldn’t you know it.. I didn’t do it- so mad at myself! I may just start it tomorrow! 🙂

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