last year’s present!

Finally…Miles is no longer in fear of mitten’s, gloves, or the sweet, soft, fingerless gloves I knitted him last year for Christmas.  Last year his poor little hands were icicles.  Constantly.  There was no convincing him that any variety of hand warming devices would relieve such aches.  Even my attempt with the fingerless variety was a major fail.  He would not even keep them tucked in his pockets or under a blanket.  When outside, he just preferred to feel the temperature as is I suppose.  But now, now he is a year wiser and very willing to keep his digits cozy.  Just in time for us to move south too.  Oh well!  Perhaps the air chills just enough to need such an accessory.  I knitted them from a leftover stash of soft bamboo.  Bamboo is such a silky fiber.  I love it.

For some reason, the moment I put them on him he asked, “Do you think Santa will like them?” Well, why not?  Santa loves a home-made gift just as much as the rest I suppose.

To knit them I just cast on about 18 stitches knitted a 3/4 inch rib then continued in the round for about two inches.  When it came time for the thumb hole I just binded off three stitches then on the next round cast them back on again.  Then I knit about 4 more stockinette rows and finally a 1/2 inch rib around the top.  I finger knitted a long string to attach them together and sewed it on.  Very simple.  An afternoons work really.

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