another sleep post

Some might scoff at the fact that I have both my boys right close by all night long.  No, they don’t sleep in my bed.  Well, not always at least.  But, both of their cribs are tucked against the wall on one side and cozied up snug against our bed on the other.  Some nights I writhe in pain each time I hear a babe stir.  Some nights I just can’t handle one more nights sleep the way it is.  I am tired.  But, most every night I am comforted by the knowledge that each boy is safe and sound right by me.  Miles has never been a good sleeper.  And Rowan.  Let us not even begin.  I end up getting up so often for both the boys that it is much much more convenient to have them close by.  I can usually talk Miles back into sleeping and Rowan, I just toss him in bed with me to settle him down.  So, this situation we have going on seems to give me the most amount of sleep possible under these conditions.

But, as painful as the mornings come, I sort of don’t mind.  Sometimes at least.  I mean how else would I know Miles laughs in his sleep?  Or that Rowan can “crawl” around just so and discover his pacifier on his own?  Or, my favorite yet, one I would have completely missed is when Miles asks to hold my hand as he drifts back to sleep each night.  It just started recently and let me tell you, it pretty much melts my heart.

taken October 18, 2009


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