a farewell

Last night, I was showered with love from four ladies here in this tiny town I have called home for the last year.  Well, to be frank, it wasn’t until I found out we were leaving that I truly realized what a home it has become.  The grass is always greener?  Perhaps.  Perhaps it is nerves.  I felt much like this just one year ago when leaving Flagstaff, and now, even with more experience on such a move, my feelings are fairly unchanged.  Butterflies and sinking hearts.  Excitement and loneliness.  That is the hardest part, those first few weeks of utter loneliness.  But, soon enough I should find a mama or two to call my girls.  Soon enough.

A much-needed glass of wine, lots of laughs, and a few gifts were exchanged.  A delicious meal finished off with apple awesome (it was actually called that!)  and off to see my crying children.  Why oh why can they not allow anyone else but poor old mama to put them to sleep?  Why?  Uh, that is besides the point.

But, on a pleasant note, I did learn how simple it is to make your own tea yesterday when preparing some small gifts for the girls.  When the realization that all five of us are nursing (well, one will be in just a few weeks) I thought a gift in that direction would be appropriate.  So, I headed off to Herbs are 4 U 2 (yes it is actually called that too) and browsed around.  It was very economical to purchase marshmallow root and fenugreek in bulk and a package of empty tea bags.  The only process you have to go through to make the tea is after filling each bag you seal it with an iron.  Forty bags cost about 4.50.. Not bad!  Each lady received some tea, a tiny calming lavender pillow which I deemed “My two-year old is driving me nuts” scent, a recipe for popovers, and a shell from my giant rock/shell collection.  I packaged them all up in a large mason jar, tied some thread around it with a name tag, and called it a day!  Easy present and lots of fun I should say.

Oh my.  I will miss these women.  I will. I will. 

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