a day to remember

Three years ago today I was stuck in Bakersfield CA on a long stretch of straight highway in front of a Denny’s with not so much as a penny to my name, a brand new wedding band, a very full bladder, and a high suspicion of a baby forming in my uterus.  You could see cars stretched for miles and miles in front and behind.  There was absolutely no way of escaping onto the side of the road to remedy this situation.  (I am referring to the full bladder of course)  It was awful.  I believe I “held it” for over 5 hours.  Thoughts of knocking on truckers doors drifted into my mind more than once.   I contemplated just baring all and stepping outside our parked vehicle.  Alas, I was quite the lady and decided to just be patient.  But, this is besides the point.

My ultimate side kick and I had decided sort of quick and sort of planned out to tie the knot.  While we had been engaged for about a year, we called off any sort of formal wedding and opted for the less expensive and less time-consuming elopement.  With our decision both sets of parents and a brother (much to our appreciation and relief) insisted on traveling to our confirmed destination of the beautiful city of San Fransisco without delay to join us in matrimony.  We were thrilled.  It was a spectacular time.  Even though it was such a simple affair we had our moments of frustration (trolley directions to the court-house being the main one), tears (even from the justice of the peace!  weird…), and overall joyousness.

Much to our surprise this decked out tree was the back drop for our day.  Thousands of paper cranes.  

Because I don’t have a lot of pictures, and didn’t get to share this experience with a few bridesmaids and such, I haven’t had to opportunity to dazzle in my wedding dress.  But, let me assure you, it was dazzling!  It was the palest of lavender with a Jackie O sort of look to it.  I wore a long white coat, a gorgeous gray cardigan adorned with tiny grey sequins and pale violet embroidery down the front placket, purple knit gloves and shiny purple heels to match.  It was all tied together with a fantastic little umbrella I purchased in China town the previous day.  While this might sound well sort of silly, keep in mind it sort of was.  Well, I did not mean for it to be, but in retrospect it makes me laugh and I like that.  My lovely partner in crime allowed me to do the honors of actually purchasing him a brand new pair of trousers as well as a dress shirt that is actually in his size rather than simply wearing one from one of his giant brothers hand me down stash.  And they really are giants.  6’7″.  Giant status if you ask me.  He even let his hair grow a tiny bit, just for me.  Let me tell you, he looked down right handsome.

After the nuptuals we wandered over to Cha Cha Cha, a recommendation from my ceramics teacher who had been dating a San Fran Native at the time.  Let me tell you, he did not let us down.  For the first time and possibly the last time in my life, I ordered one of everything from the dessert menu.  Wow.  Check that one off the bucket list!  Hell, it was my wedding after all!  We proceeded to ditch the family and head out to have some fun of our own.  After quite a few shots of whiskey at some tiny Irish pub (from a bartender with a swollen belly suggesting I cheers to the tune of “keep your legs crossed”), some fancy cupcakes, a whole lot of walking, and one viewing of Edward Scissor Hands we felt our day was complete.

Looking back, I must say I do not regret a single thing about the way we did it.  I married the exact perfect man for me and we had a time that day.  What else could you ask for really?  And all for the price of $98 (minus travel expenses).  We have the best life I can think of together and am so glad to say happy anniversary to my favorite.

While we are not gift sort of people but I do so crave the home-made gift like nothing else.  Many gifts made from my hands are created but to be honest I rarely relieve one.  Not that I do not receive many a nice present, that is not the case at all.  I just have hinted at something hand-made recently.  The third year anniversary traditional gift is leather.  He made me a flower press with leather ties and I framed our lucky charm with leather backing.

Just a lovely day.  Our anniversary.

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