home is where the yard is

Oh my… what a hiatus!  And what a fantastic one at that.  The move…the move…. oh what a move it was.  We feel like we have found all four corner peices of the jigsaw here in our new cozy down home spot on this earth.  It just breathes family.  I can tell you the honest truth when I saw the ad on craigslist;  I had to catch my breath and my fingers dialed my honey’s familiar work phone number before I even realized what I was doing.  I just knew it was going to be right.  What a wild month it has been.  Wild but so sweet and satisifying.

Saying good-bye is never easy.  The thought of the upcoming loneliness in the interim of meeting new friends daunted me once again.  I knew the challenge of moving with two wee ones would be a stress of its own, but i knew the benefits would be so far out weighing the tribulations there was no sense in even dwelling.

But, alas we are here.  Our belongings are finding there way to that place where they will reside for the time being.   Our bare feet have touched sandy shores, muddy waters, and weedy backyards and loved every single bit of it.  We are learning of the treacherous sweet gum ball, Miles can fully pronounce “spanish moss” and announces it every chance he gets (which is quite often in our neck of the woods), and Rowan…to see the delight in that little baby boy’s face for the hours spent out doors.  There are woods to be explored, so many varieties of birds to be spotted, stars to gaze upon and oh my goodness so so much more.  We are so very lucky to be residing in this glorious house, with this giant yard that has the capability to entertain us indefinitely.

I also must mention- I have a craft room.  Do you hear me?!  Because I can not contain my enthusiasm.  An entire craft room.  Oh the crafting glory!  Well, it might double as a guest room, and also contains the computer for the occasional movie viewing pleasure of my (sort of obsessed with movies after many nights in hotels) two year old…and his parents too.  But that is completely besides the point,  the desicion has been made, the room has been officially deemed The Craft Room.  I am sure there will be many many photos and exciting adventures to report on from this station in our household.  I just can not wait to see..

And finally, I have to say I am so completely excited for my new years resolution this year.  Over the years I have made a few and believe it or not, it turns out I am really truly good at keeping them!  So, with that being said, this year will be the year of 52 breads.  Yes, that is right, one new bread each week all year long.  Starting tomorrow!

Even Mo is beside herself.

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