look at all the world mama

We are far away from most places.  About a half hour traveling to get just about anywhere.  (Minus the Dollar General which the locals apparently refer to as “The Wal-Mart” around here)  But, we are also just about 40 minutes to the most spectacular beaches I have seen.  

After a trip to the license store I decided that my handy gps was enough to trump my horrible sense of direction and that I would take us in the direction of the ocean.  Oh, what a good decision that was.  

Just a short drive it seemed, then we parked our picnic in the sand by a tide pool as big as a pond.  Miles “caught” fish, lobsters, and crabs to his heart’s content.  He floated boats of reeds and twigs and mainly just ran buck wild for hours.  And I mean hours.  

After a while, he walked right up to me and exclaimed with arms stretched, “Look at all the world mama!”   I think I will keep my eyes wide open after that insight.  What a day we had.

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