Martin’s Big Words a tiny book review

When my Miles was still inside my belly, the perfectly sensational shower my mom threw me included invitations that urged guests to bring their favorite childhood book to share, or one that they felt close to.  My my most precious friend since as far as I can remember gave us quite the selection.  The always thoughtful, always peaceful and always joyful girl I like to consider my soul sister gave us Martin’s Big Words.

When we cozied on down last night for story hour I slipped this one in.  While I am sure my boys do not understand the depth of this man and the power of his words and others alike, I hope that they were able to hear the admiration in my voice.  Dr. King’s words have a way of reaching us all at different points for different reasons.  Thank you to Dr. King and thank you to my Lacey-Lou.  You are both such a gift to this earth.

“Hate cannot drive out hate.  Only love can do that.” -MLK jr.



2 thoughts on “Martin’s Big Words a tiny book review

  1. Thanks Ri! Dr. King is someone to learn from and I’m so glad that Miles and Rowan have such a great Mama to guide them in this direction of hope, perseverance, and wisdom. Love you so so much!

  2. Our baby coming home party was also a book party. We filled her bookshelves and each one is inscribed by the giver. Makes them all the more special when we read them.

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