something to stand on

A little bathroom floor enhancement happened today.  While the real issue (the toilets, oh joy) have yet to be resolved, at least the floor looks nice?  We have been instructed to “hold it” and if we absolutely cannot then there is a McDonald’s down the street.  Oh my.  While my landlord is just about the nicest man alive, I can say this is well…not ideal.  But such is life I suppose.  It certainly could be worse.  I mean at least I have a new bath mat?  Sigh…it is the little things.

I got the pattern from Handmade Home which is truly a wonderful book.  Very comprehensive, good for beginners and experienced sewers alike.  I have tried several of the projects and they have all been fantastic!  She uses all recycled fabrics for her patterns and that thrills me not only as a thrifty environmentalist but as a cheap skate as well.

With an old table-cloth and a hooded towel that we no longer use, I made something that had been sitting in my closet for some time, into something I quite like.  It took less than an hour to complete.  What prompted me to make one was the fact that I could not buy one for less than 30 dollars.  I find this to be highway robbery.  Absolute rubbish.  I knew I could do better.  And what do you know?  I did!

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