something for mama

I have an announcement to make.  There is a new member of our family.  Her name is; my new (to me) camera.  With the blessing of living near an art school and a craigslist obsession I have scored the camera I have dreamt about.  It is a permanent fixture on my body now.  I am learning oh so much about photography.  I have been pouring over the manual every free second to spare since saturday.  The best news?  My lens from my old film camera fits like a glove giving me a few extra mm to work with (not sure of the official lingo…)

When life is filled with babes and their toys.  Boys and their needs.  Cleaning and crying.  Sometimes, just sometimes it is of absolute necessity to get something of just mine.  Just.  mine.  I love my camera.  I love the clicking sound it makes when i shoot a photograph.  I love the weight of it.  I love taking the lens off and then putting it back on.  I love looking through the viewing box just like the old days.  I love every single little thing about it.  Most of all I love that it does not eat through batteries faster than I can afford to buy them  (like my old one did).

On a very sad and very irresponsible note, the push to buy such a joy came from my own stupidity.  When frolicking on the beach with my mama and my boys, I paused to nurse a certain little someone and what do you know?  I left it on the bench.  At least I think that is what happened.  Sadly, the memory card is very dear to me and I now have very little evidence of the glorious trip my mama had here in my new home town.  But fortunately, it happened at just the right time when my knight in shining camera just so happened to be selling what is now my new beauty.  When one door closes another opens I suppose!  Just means that lady who raised me, better come back sooner than later for another beach photo shoot.  That is an order.

While these shots are nothing to write home about.  This is what I have taken so far!


The “oyster house”

Miles’ “house”

not too far from our new residence is the home of these little critters

a tooth!

beautiful Georgia sky

4 thoughts on “something for mama

  1. aweseome! what kind of camera did you get? I love looking through the eyepiece on mine too & tom is still mad at me that I haven’t read the THICK manual after 3 years. Yay! Sorry about your mama pictures though 😦

  2. As you know, my camera is glued to me as well. Love it… oh memories! And your boys are soooo cute. I am glad that Georgia is treating you well. I have lots of childhood memories there. ; )

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