one is silver and the other is gold

I suppose I learned the importance of friendship from my very own mama.  I grew up with the sounds of laughter, stories being told, clanking wine glasses, and general happiness seeping up the stairs many weekend nights.  There was always another woman about that I felt completely at ease with, could tell a secret to, or just hang out with.  I don’t know if all girls feel this way about their mom’s friends or if I was just that lucky.  Each woman had (and still does) some quality about them that I admired.  I looked at the way my mom just kicked back and had fun with her ladies and without even thinking about it I followed in suit.  Well, I know, not at this very moment.  But I am working on that ok?  I have my ladies who are friends from afar.  Always and forever.

I know my Miles feels the same exact way as his mama and babcia alike.  Today he was just in tears wanting his little lady from our “old home” to just come over.  “My want her to come to my new house.  Tell her my want her to Mama! Please!”.  This went on for a heart breaking length of time.  Big ol’ crocodile tears streaming down those chubby pink cheeks.  He made me cry right along with him I think.

Friends are so important.  They make you breathe easier when a problem arises, they give you a shoulder when that problem can’t be solved and when you are lucky enough, they give you something to laugh at/with too.

One of those lovelies happens to be pretty much a neighbor to my mom, and is quite something with the craftiness let me tell you.  I am not sure I should even aspire to have her knitting ability because it is just uncanny.  It surpasses anything I have ever even seen.  She recently handed off a knitted work of art to my Miles.  It is a grey-blue cabled cardigan that is so thick and luxurious.  It is the kind of soft that you can not stop rubbing against your face.  And this does not come from solely the sheep.  The size of the needle, the type of design and the manner in which it is stitched all play a factor.  Sigh…that woman has true talent.

Well, besides her knitting capabilities she is also a seriously amazing interior decorator.  Her style is simple, unique and oh so classy.  Her man-friend makes these fantastic branches draped with gifts from the sea.  I have made a bunch now and Miles thinks they are pretty much the coolest.  He loves talking about the claws, the shells, the egg cases or whatever else I have found on the shore that deemed worthy to display.  This one I made just for him.  I let him stand up on his chair and examine each one.  When most of the time it is “Don’t touch!” or “gentle hands!”  this one is his and he can do what he pleases.  The shells are light so if they drop no little babes wandering below could get injured.  It is placed right above his identification posters.  (Which he is pretty good at too may I add)

Friends who inspire you.  How very, very nice is that.

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