secrets, secrets are no fun… secrets are for everyone!

It started as a ploy to get Miles to try new foods.  It started off as a simple game.  And now, now I find myself completely enthralled with this theatrical display at meal times.  This will even come as news to my dear old husband (but certainly to no surprise).  When the mood strikes I fall into character of some sort of medieval sorcerer.  I can pretty much convince Miles of anything when my old english accent comes bubbling up in my deepest voice using wild dramatic manuevers.  I flail around the kitchen putting on such a fiasco that I swear I start to believe that I am an actress on the big screen.

If you are having hard time envisioning such madness I will illustrate it for you.  It goes something like this…

Instructions-  read out loud with lots of gusto and in your best Russell Crow medieval voice

I creep from behind the kitchen wall to see my two boys staring at me with eager eyes.  I have rigged a cape around my neck and am holding it just above my nose.  I throw the cape down and exclaim, “BEHOLD!  I have found the most treasured vegetable of all times.  Throughout the history of all the land no one, and I mean NO ONE (dramatic pause) has evah tasted such a morsel such as what I hold in this here mason jar.  Sir Miles….you would not dare to try it would you now?  No no… you must not!!!  It is forbidden!  For if you even dare to eat this here handful of the buttery-est squash in this glorious orange hue then…  then…  I am forced to hand over my stash of blueberries.  The KING has sent his orders.  Oh sir please do not eat all this squash.  I beg of you!”.  I end my soliloquy and quickly dash out of the kitchen and unbeknownst to him peek through the tiny window in between walls to see him quietly smirk to himself while gobbling up every last bit of butternut squash.  All the while his baby brother is gulping down his fair share chuckling like sixty.  I enter the kitchen once again, solemnly this time, “Sir Miles it appears that it is true.  I must hand over the last of the most glorious berry in our history.  The BLUE berry.  Here.  Tis yours.  Eat it if you please but please sir- save me just one?  Just one?”  I give him a pleading look and with all seriousness he says, “here!  here mommy, try it.”  And of course I do.

Call me crazy.  Please.  I am.  But, I dare you to try this with your toddler.  Make sure no one is around because quite frankly even writing this down is fairly embarrassing.  But I guarantee it will work.  Try it for the potty.  Try it for getting their clothes on.  Whatever the argument slip into character and well…have fun!  I do.  It makes a mundane task very, very exciting.  At least for us it does.

Because quite obviously I cannot include pictures of my most embarrassing moment, for they do not exist and never will, I will just put a few random cute ones up for your viewing pleasure.  I hope I gave those reading a good laugh.  Happy Wednesday!

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