bread #6 Whole wheat sandwich bread with oats and pecans

I needed a sandwich bread this week.  Last winter I made a valiant effort to make all my family’s sandwich bread.  The low temperatures of a northern winter welcomed such constant baking, but here in the sunny south it is a touch different.  Regardless, I missed the hearty loaf to slather in peanut butter and honey so I chose this from another stellar pick by my dad: Amy’s bread.  I will not include the recipe this week for I followed it almost exactly minus the experimentation of a free form loaf (not a success in my eyes).  Oh it is hearty.  And moist.  And has the crunchy outside that store bought bread just cannot achieve.   It has all the nooks and crannies visible to the eye with chunks of pecans galore (purchased at the farmers market this weekend too)!

While the bread ended up a success I have to admit my intense stupidity.  I claim stupidity not because I made a mistake but because this is the THIRD time I have done this exact thing.

When using a pan to steam water in the oven please never use a glass one.  Common sense my dear, common sense.  Ah well, I suppose that is the way the crust crumbles…  After much deliberation and careful examination I decided the bread was free of shards of glass and the show must go on!  It shattered not exploded after all.  Does this make me irresponsible?  I am not sure I want to know.

I know someone who is glad I decided to go through with it!  (Also for staying up late to sample of course… you know you can’t do that alone)

Can you see how spongy and fermented this one was?  I hope so, because this one took quite some time.  Lots of rising but only a little kneading.  This was my first sponge starter bread and I have extra awaiting another creation in my refrigerator at this very moment.  What should I make next…

2 thoughts on “bread #6 Whole wheat sandwich bread with oats and pecans

  1. Hi….Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes and ideas, I was looking for this particular recipe and went to the link you provided but maybe I am overlooking it, I could not find the recipe on the site….the whole wheat with oats and pecan. Thank you again. Kim

    • oh i am sorry, the link was only referring to the bakery, it is in their cookbook. Give me a few days and I will type it up for you though! I think I would like to revisit this loaf soon! Thanks for the reminder!

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