the slow and steady

Having been here for over a month now… and celebrating Rowan’s “been out as long as he was in” (my belly that is) birthday I have realized that things around here have become just a little slow and oh so steady.  Finally after nine months perhaps I am use to the idea that I am the mother of two.  Two little baby boys.  Let me tell you, as so many already know, the time required to leave the house with two little ones is quite a bit longer then I ever anticipated.  There is the diaper bag, the extra clothes, the froggy potty (for mid car ride stops), the potty seat (for the dreaded public restroom), toys, snacks, spoons, sippy cups, wipes, and who knows what else.  Coffee.  That is a staple and an obvious ingredient in a day’s work.  Oh the madness.  I have finally discovered it is not so hard to keep a bag packed in the car at all times but it still just barely alleviates the pain of leaving our safe haven here in the middle of nowhere.  So, while yes, we do leave the house from time to time.  Whether it be the library, the YMCA, or the beach we do enjoy our outings.  Of the late, we have quite enjoyed our days in as well.

So lately we have been enjoying the little things.  You know...

painting outside in february.  Keep in mind I did no altering to these photos, the grass is this green right now!  

making our own condiments (MUSTARD!)

planting our lettuce despite the onslaught of sand gnats.  those things sure are nasty.  

experiments in baking (rye flour and agave nectar and other fancy add in’s) 

the valentines balloon… nothing more thrilling to a nine month old and an almost two and a half-year old then a big heart-shaped balloon.  

To supplement this fantastic addition to our daily lives (Miles talks to the balloon like any other member of the family) we watched The Red Balloon.  Most certainly worth watching.  

One thought on “the slow and steady

  1. does miles ever where pants? I guess he fits right into the hillbilly life.. 🙂 Definitely a perk of being a boy- just going when you gotta… 🙂 Looks awesome Mariah!

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