bread #7 Pecan Puffs

To set the record straight around here they say peh-CAN.  No Pee-can.  I made it a point to ask an expert.  Possibly the most joyous man I have crossed paths with in some time, happens to sell said glorious nuts. They are so essential to so many baked goods (particularly of the southern variety).  He constantly be-bops or hums a tune and on his t-shirt displays the ever so delightful slogan “I love turnips”.  He  seems truly and utterly down right ecstatic to be selling pecans and ginormous turnips at the saturday market.  And to be quite frank, I am ecstatic to buy them.  I had plans for those pecans this week, well besides the handful here and there for snacking.  I intended to make some little nuggets of fluffy bready eggy goodness from them.  And that I did.

I followed a basic popover recipe with the addition of pecans.  First you ground up 1/2 cups of pecans in the blender then scoop them into a bowl.  Then crack two delicious farm fresh eggs and one cup of whole fat milk into the blender and let it twirl for a second or two.   Sift one cup of flour along with a pinch of salt and add that too.  Finally, mix in those dusty pecans.  Fill up the ever so useful popover pan slathered in butter of course.  Each cup was about half full.  Then into the oven they go at 425 for 15 min.  At this point you can turn the oven down to 350 for the next 20 minutes.  If you want them less eggy and more crispy you could poke each one with a toothpick for the last 10 minutes.

So, I am on a pecan kick.  There are worse things I suppose……

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