a day for daddy

In recent weeks it has come to my attention, with a bit of grief I may add, that I indeed have been the dictator of all things weekend.  By this I mean, I seemed to have perhaps scheduled our days with daddy at the weeks end to what I envisioned would be a nice weekend.  While he admits that yes he enjoys each and every weekend quite thoroughly, he also admitted with much coaxing, that he too would like to add a plan or two to the mix.  Sigh… I can not tell you the shame I felt upon this realization.  Me?  A controlling schedule person?  I could have sworn I was easy-going.  Maybe I am a little bit of both.  But, we all have faults do we not?  I am fully aware of my tendency now and with no regrets whatsoever handed over the days plans to none other than my fantastic (and capable) husband.

With this new-found freedom to take charge and point us in the proper direction he declared president’s day a day to fish!  Big surprise right?  Well, I loved the idea of it and my Miles….let us just say he was giddy with excitement.  We went out and bought him a miniature working rod and reel and he practiced and practiced and practiced until the skill was mastered.  He is a pro at casting out and reeling it in now.  I will say his fear of the squiggly worm needs to be conquered but other than that he is quite the fisherman.

The whole day he hovered right below daddy’s knees.  Wherever daddy went Miles was sure to be tagging along.  They trekked around the whole lake; net, tackle and pole in tow.  Despite Miles run on with a giant red ant hill (Lee found him making a snowman in the pile) he had a very memorable time.  I often wonder if these days will be the stuff his memories are made of.  Thinking back on my earliest memories I believe they begin around two…maybe not until three though… not sure.  But, if I was a betting woman, I would bet today will be one filed away in that little brain of his.

Well thanks to my honey, we had the most serene of days.  I spent my hours next to a sleeping babe (something about being outdoors that makes that kid sleep), doing some bird watching and keeping a close eye on my bobber.  It never did do much.

I had the rare opportunity to view a bald eagle.  I saw two woodpeckers hollowing out a cozy new home.  And I had the privilege to be close enough to hear my little man whisper to his daddy in only the way a two-year old can, “My is having fun fishing with my daddy.”

Life is so very good to me.

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