an obsession

Let it be known! My son is completely engrossed in all things fishing.  Let me just say that the old mickey mouse pole is the best 15 dollars we have ever spent (in Miles opinion at least).  At home we spend our time casting out and reeling in off the porch.  Fishing in the bird bath.  Looking at the fishing posters.  Talking about fishing.  Talking about eating fish.  Pretending we are cooking fish.  You get the idea…  

So, with  a doctors appointment on the agenda for the afternoon, we started out bright and early for a day on the pier catching fish.  Mainly, a little rubber red one.  Somehow we managed to catch that little bugger about a thousand times…

Oh, it was a full day on the shore.  Shells to collect, jellyfish washed ashore to examine, sand castles to construct, lots of “cooking and baking” (making large piles of sticks essentially) and lots of people watching.  Although it never is just watching with my boy.  “What is his name?”,  “What her doin'”, or an encouraging game of tag is the normal introduction for him.  He makes himself known.  To say the least.

Majestic dolphins, giant dinosaur birds and silvery fish all topped it off.   

The ocean is still in my nose.  My car is coated in sand.  Our cheeks are pink with sun.  It was a lovely day at the beach.  

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