ask the expert (the librarian of course)

The varieties of birds around here are endless.  Bright whites, long wispy feathers, bold colors, flocks of thousands all diving and migrating and all together grabbing quite a bit of my attention lately.  I am an aspiring birder and proud to say so.  Not that any of my hobbies could be mistaken for much else but “granny-esque”, but I must say, this one takes the cake.  Oh well… Something about hanging those binoculars around my neck, putting on some high knee rubber boots (I still have to get those) and hunting down those chirping fellows makes me smile.  Thrill of the chase I suppose.  Either way, I have recruited my little Miles and Rowan to join me in my birding education.  We often feed them or go on hikes to scout out their homes and hang-outs.  With little knowledge on the subject though, I thought we might just have to gather some materials.

We headed to the library today and checked out a variety of children’s books discussing those feathered friends.  With the upcoming baby chicks joining our crew this will be the perfect introduction.  While my bird identification book is quite helpful, there is nothing like a good children’s book to really help you learn.  If you have a question, any question at all, I highly recommend heading to your local librarian and borrowing a book from the children’s section.  They are so comprehensive and with minimal technical vocabulary that may be confusing.

For now I am quite the beginner, but I do live in the vicinity of one of the best “birding” spots around (so I have heard).  There are many people with an abundance of knowledge to pass on.  I know, I talk to them.  Hmm…now I am beginning to see where that little boy might get his chatty gene from…

Happy birding!  

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