a wild life (refuge)

It seems to me in my tiny somewhat isolated world, with minimal opportunity for any real observations, (okay not the best person to be handing out opinions but I will continue to do so regardless) perhaps when you live somewhere long enough you forget to seek out the special things to do in said area.  For example, when we lived in Arizona, practically neighbors to the grand canyon, you would be surprised at how many people I met that had never been there.  It was quite surprising.  Of course each person ought to spend their days doing precisely what makes them the happiest.  This is just my two cents.  If your asking me?  I like to be an expert on the area.  I like to go to see all the sights, visit all the museums, you know do some tourist-y stuff.  Then I can pick my favorite places I suppose.  So close, yet so far away.  ‘Tis the attitude of a local sometime.  That is sort of the beauty of moving.  You get to see it with new eyes.  Before the sights become mundane you can really experience them.   There are several in our area.  One is just seven miles down the road.  When chatting with other mama’s I have noticed that not one of them has even heard of this quite enormous preserve.  Well, with that in mind, I intend to invite each and every one out (those willing to make the 30 min. drive at least) to come and see.  But, I must admit, I have not heard of or visited many of the restaurants, shopping centers, outlets or the like that many of those kind mama’s have suggested wither.  Damn hippies (me that is).

Anyways, this wildlife refuge, it is gorgeous.  There are gators galore!  One just happened by us like it was no big deal yesterday.  Scared the b’jesus out of me.  Miles actually wanted to pat him!  Sheesh.  I’ve got to keep a close eye on that one.  That is for sure.  The wildflowers are starting to bloom, butterflies land on your shoulder, birds are calling, you can practically hear someone singing zip-a-dee-do-da for goodness sake.  It is that good.  It truly is.  The weather has been unreal.  Just enough wind to keep those vampire flies away.  Well here you have it.

we are loving the lowcountry life 

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