the “food man”

The self-proclaimed “food man” now can take pride in the fact that he has three whole daily chores that he completes with utter pride.  He makes his bed.  This mostly consists of tucking in george and ducky…but it is a start.

feeds the cats (without spilling!) hence, the “food man” name change

and my personal favorite… sets the table.

This chore allows me to call out in my best southern drawl (you know just for the fun of it), “Miles Henry!  Come set the table!  It is supper time!”  In he comes at top speed ready for the napkins and back in a flash for the forks, knives or spoons depending on the evenings selection.  He always makes sure to give Rowan a itty bitty fork, as well as himself, Mama the middle-sized fork and daddy gets the great- big fork.  Can you tell we have been telling, and re-telling, and re-enacting the three bears lately?  Well, we have.

I have high hopes for some help with the laundry someday…but for now I will settle for this.  While my parents were and still are the most magnificent people a child could ask for to be their role model and friend, I will say I was… ahem… a little lacking in the chore department.  Not for lack of effort (on their part) I am sure!  I just think perhaps this is something I will enforce just a tiny bit more.  Of course that is… until I cannot.  For I know not what it is like to have the likes of a (da da daaaaaa shudder) teenager!  They appear to be somewhat tricky, to put it lightly.  At least if they turn out to be anything like me.

Regardless, this is where we begin.  And it fits our days and nights so far.  In fact two-year olds quite enjoy helping out.  So I may as well take advantage while it lasts….

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