a little milestone

Sometimes I have not a clue as to why exactly I spend many early mornings, late nights, or precious nap times tapping away at this keyboard.  Regardless, I do indeed have a milestone to announce.  This is the 100th post I have written.  It seems pretty miniscule in the grand scheme of accomplishments, really because it is, but this here site has brought me quite a bit of joy over the last 8 months.  I don’t always feel like writing, I don’t always feel like being very crafty or even baking but every once in a while the motivation of, “but I can blog about it” comes in handy and then I do.  Holding myself accountable for coming up with the answer to “what are we going to do today” and trying (so very hard) to make it blog-worthy has been good for me.  That was my thought on why I would start this old thing in the frist place.  And what do you know?

But, truly it has done so much more.  I found my spark for writing again.  Mostly I found a mode to say all those things you can’t just chat about to your two-year old and ten month old that sometimes a stay at home mom longs to do.  At night when I sink my ears under the water in a hot bath tub I rehearse out loud some options of what I could type up the next day… or just someday.  And you know, I like this.  A lot actually.

It has been a fantastic way to chart time when it has been quite honestly very very blurry.  Since Rowan’s birth time has gone at break neck pace.  I can click around on this virtual diary and look back at all that has happened.  With out this, it is quite possible most of this year would sadly be forgotten due to insurmountable nights of no sleep and more often than not chaos (the good kind of course).

So for this I am glad.  Who knows if anyone will continue to enjoy reading this.  To be frank; I don’t mind one iota if no one does.  This one, while  it’s content is mostly never is about me, is for me.  Here is to the next 1-0-0!

9 thoughts on “a little milestone

  1. Congrats on your 100th post! I absolutely adore your blog and hope to see many, many more posts in the future. I love your candid, honest, and loving look at mama-hood and I greatly admire your natural parenting style. You’re a great writer Mariah!


  2. Congratulations on 100!!
    I enjoy reading your blog. I love to be reminded of all the little things that make life so special. Thanks!!

  3. Please keep it up!!!! I love it…it makes me smile every time 🙂 And makes me miss you guys a little less with the updates and funny stories. You are an inspiring woman!!

  4. Mariah, I can really relate to what you’re saying about “holding yourself accountable for coming up with the answer to ‘what are we going to do today?’ “. I often wake up and struggle to answer that question to my satisfaction and to the satisfaction of my twin boys. I often feel that I don’t come up with a satisfactory answer. I feel that if I take the time to cook good food, then we don’t get out of the house. Or if we do a fun activity then we end up eating nothing more than almond butter and honey sandwiches (which I guess is not so bad, although we do eat those a lot:-)

    I also feel that time is very blurry in my household. I can’t believe we have already been in Savannah a whole year. We moved here from Seattle last March. My husband is from Savannah, so we did have his parents’ network to plug into, but I still feel like part of me is in Seattle. I miss it so much.

    This is probably WAY too long for your comments page!!! Sorry!

    Keep your blogs coming!!! I really enjoy them!


    • oh yes. it is good to know we are not alone. sandwiches are a staple around here as well…. a lot more than i would like! and not too long of a comment! i love comments! 🙂

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