one of those days

It was one of those mornings.  Everything started off just fine.  Rowan even woke at the lazy bone hour of 6:45 (latest he has pretty much ever slept).  I had waffles in the freezer from yesterday making for a simple breakfast.  I was able to pack a picnic lunch without a hitch.  We headed off to start our day.

So is life, but it is true, things did not end in quite such a graceful manner.

With a moody two-year old who made several dashes away from mama hysterical laughter trailing behind him, an insatiable ten month old who honestly is hungry every singe minute of the day, and an over zealous mama with about 50 pounds or so of library books in her tote, we were quite the trio.  Sigh.  Then the rain came.  Those big stormy clouds put a damper on our lunch plans to say the least.  The south doesn’t just  have tiny rain storms either.  Around here it comes down in buckets.  The kind of rain where you have to pull over.  Where “mommymommymommymommy” and “wahhhhhhhhhhhh” are more than your nerves can handle.  To ice the cake, when I pulled into my driveway my little man had an accident in his car seat.  Car seats are not made to be easily washed I assure you.  I tugged.  I yanked.  I even pleaded with it.  I made it my personal mission to get that thing apart.  I wrestled it with all the strength I possess and guess what?  It won.  I called that poor soul who is my husband and screeched at him (because of course it is all his fault isn’t it).  And then, while this isn’t something I am proud to admit, but it is the ugly truth;  I chucked that contraption half way across my yard.  And let me tell you; it felt so incredibly good.

Days like these I often dwell and pout.  Not today though.  Today I feel like I need to sit, breath and focus not on all these little problems, but instead the sweetness that really is my boys.

Some things I never ever want to forget as long as I live:

…what a “middle-sized kiss” from Miles feels like

…When that same boy announced at supper last night, “Wow I can’t believe what a gorgeous salad this is!”

…The one-legged crawl that looks so silly that both my boys somehow used to get around

…Th sounds of my non-napping children laughing together from their respecitve beds for the first time

…When my sweet little boy says (about a million times a day), “My love you anymore the whole world”.  Translation -more than anything in the whole world-

…the reassuring voice of my gentle husband at my most vulnarable times

…a game of apple catch at the most serene beach I have ever had the honor to visit

…how impossibly soft a baby’s skin feels against my cheeks

That is all for the moment.  You know what?  I feel better already.

4 thoughts on “one of those days

  1. M is in the water! And I love R’s bare bum 🙂 and yes, I have been in that throw-whatever-is-nearby place many a time. And it does feel good. Get together soon?

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